October 20, 2009
These are photos and thoughts that don't seem to fit anywhere else. More will come later.

I will be receiving Herceptin treatments every 3 weeks until February, 2010, for my particular kind of breast cancer, HER2. There is a lot of information about HER2 on the internet should you care to research it.

When I had my lumpectomy, 3 lymph nodes were removed and examined. All of them were full of cancer, so a short time later, more nodes were removed. Two of them were involved with cancer. Along with other conditions, this classified me to be in Stage 3 cancer. Removal of the lymph nodes has caused me to have to deal with lymphedema in my left arm and hand. It is inconvenient, but there are much worse things in this world.

Soon I'll have radiation treatments. It should have happened before now, but my lumpectomy incision hasn't healed completely. I did something stupid that caused an infection that set healing back by a bunch. HINT: Don't ever get in a hot tub with an unhealed wound - no matter how small the wound is!

I am not afraid to die. I've been a born again Christian since long before I found that I have cancer, and I believe I will spend eternity in the presence of my Savior, Jesus Christ. That said, I'm not anxious to die and I will put up a valiant fight against this ugly disease.

A bit of other shameless self promotion: I love creating beautiful things with concrete. If you're interested in seeing some of my artwork, check out www.KayanderGardenArt.com My great hubbie, Ernie, also has artwork posted there.

I've mentioned Tiffany several times. She is a glass and metal artist who has never thought of herself as being a painter until now. Generally, when she paints my head, she coordinates the head design with colors in what I'm wearing for the day. Then she completes my "outfit" with a beautiful piece of blown glass from her jewelry line. Check out her website, www.RedManxStudio.com

December 7, 2009
My incision is healed. I start radiation tomorrow. My doc says I need 33 treatments, every weekday (except the holidays). At this rate I won't finish by the end of this year. Oh, well...

February 2, 2010
Today, exactly 15 months after finding my lump, I had my last cancer treatment! I went straight to the volunteer office of the hospital and filled out paperwork to become a volunteer - I want to find ways to be "giving back" for all the good that has come to me in the last 15 months.

Some things that I've learned (hopefully not EVERYTHING):
- I'd lose my brains - they call it "chemo brain". I'm hoping for a return.
- I'd lose nose hair, too. My nose drips at any given time because of this.
- I burst into tears for no apparent reason - at the drop of a hat. This also makes my nose run, and run, and run...
- My fingers got tingly, mostly the finger tips. After the 6th chemo treatment, some of my fingernails got really dark, then they turned loose of my fingers. That was strange. My oncology PA told me early in treatments to rub Tea Tree Oil into my nails and cuticles every day. Perhaps if I'd remembered that piece of advice it would have been helpful. The nails are finally grown out. I still have some tingling at times.
- Eating celery helps with upset stomach.


Adam and Ann of Channel 9 News with Tiffany and me. We just love Adam and Ann!

Part of the Great Day Houston crew with Tiffany and me.

Left to right: Tiffany (my daughter), Karon (my sister), me (Kay), Delene (my niece), Arturo (manager of California Pizza Kitchen, where we ate lunch on the day we attended Great Day Houston).

Bradley Marks with Tiffany and me. He is a very nice man. More about this on the News Stories tab.