When I found that my chemotherapy treatments were going to make me lose my hair, I decided that I would rather have face painting on my head than wear a wig, scarf, hat - well, you get the picture. I immediately thought of my wonderful friend, Leah Reddell, owner of Face Fiesta (www.facefiesta.com). Leah so graciously came to our house to give us face painting tips. As she was leaving, she said, "Have you ever thought about using henna? It lasts longer". What an "aha" moment!

We started our journey with henna drawings as soon as I lost my hair. The henna lasts 7-10 days. I love it, but it isn't very colorful. Tiffany incorporates at least one heart into every design. She says that is shows a "little bit of love". She will never know how much I appreciate that love!

These pictures were taken while the henna was still on my head. Tiffany pipes the henna paste onto my head in a similar fashion as one would pipe frosting onto a cake. As the henna dries, it dyes the skin cells. After it is dry, I remove it. The resulting image that is left on my skin is a kind of "reddish" color and not nearly as dark. Tiffany says that someday she can take up yet another career as a cake decorator!