I have some of the most fabulous medical people on my side, and I want to honor them here. I'm sure I'll be missing some, and I hope they will bring it to my attention or forgive me for the oversight.

Doctor Daniel Clang is my primary doctor. He was the first one in line to get wind of the lump in my breast. I will be adding his picture soon.

Doctor James Lee is my surgeon. I'm so blessed to have him. He accepted what my crappy medical insurance paid for my surgeries and didn't ask me pay the difference! The day I found that out I felt like I'd won the lottery!

Smiley Snowman, Lucille, Vickie, and Scarlett in back.
Dr. Lee in front.

Carmen, Kay, Mikki at the infusion center on my last day of Herceptin treatments. I thought I might leave crying, as the staff here has become so dear to me. Instead we laughed and I was relieved.

Shirley, Annie, Kay, Bob, Julie
I have chemotherapy treatments at North Colorado Medical Center. The staff there is comprised of the most caring people I've ever known. I will miss seeing them when I'm finished with this year of treatments. They've become like family to Ernie, Tiffany and me.

My wonderful oncology doctor, Dr. Linninger on the day of his retirement. He has been a wonderful addition to my life. I wish him the very best!

Sue Fagerlund, my oncology guide. She has been a great help in many ways. We have become personal friends with her and are so happy to have her in our lives.

Debbie Stuart is my therapist who helps me deal with the lymphedema in my arm and hand. She is fabulous!

This is the "cast" that was created for me to lie in for radiation treatments. Usually patients hang onto a bar at the top of the table to keep their arms out of the way, but my left shoulder kept wanting to pop out of place so we had to have something more solid.

My friend, Barbie Fink, knitted that cute little hat I'm wearing - Alpaca and Cashmere. It is so nice and warm. I think of her often as I wear it.

After I get into that cast, they line me up with all those green lines. A few weeks ago, they put permanent marks on me to line up with - I now have permanent tattoos...

My fabulous radiation doctor, Dr. Casey and his nurse, Carol. Dr. Casey (cute tie guy) is a very nice man with a good sense of humor.

These are the ladies who give me radiation. Shelly, me (Kay), Andrea, and Joni. They are very sweet.

When it is time for radiation everyone leaves the room. This is what they see on one of their monitors - not that I've ever seen it - I have to be on the table! Tiffany took these pictures.

This is the radiation office. I'm in that monitor at the top left.