Well, this is something that came from the head painting that Tiffany has done for me through the last year. Now she is doing belly painting for pregnant women.
Tiffany doing her first belly painting - the beautiful mommie is Tina. I painted Hello Kitty on her little cutie-pie daughter. It was a fun day.

Cristi was within a couple of weeks of time to deliver her baby. She, the baby's father, Phil, and the baby's older sister, Piper came to spend a couple of hours. Cristi let Piper decide the theme for the painting. I think Piper made nice decisions and the painting turned out to be beautiful!
Tiffany, Phil, Cristi and Piper in our back yard.
Our friend, Ryan, got married in our back yard a couple of years ago. Now look! Tiffany and Ryan decided to do a growing tree theme. Ryan will return periodically for a larger tree painting on her larger-sized baby. This is fun!!!
This is the second edition of the growing tree (and baby...). The navel ring is gone for awhile.
Here is the third edition of the tree - week 28 for baby Damien (yes, it is a boy). Notice that there are now two birds - a male and a female Cardinal.

Ryan LOVES Halloween, so this painting interrupted the sequence of the tree and Cardinals.
This is the fourth installment of the tree. Damien is due in two weeks! Important detail to the left.

Paula got the flowers and dragonfly. Big Sister came along and got a face painting!